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Introducing the Seattle Hacks Meetup

As the Seattle Hacks community grows, it more and more clear that many of the meetups and events for developers in Seattle are language or platform specific. That's great if you want to go deep on JavaScript or Arduinos but I think there's room for a series of events that span all different kinds of technologies and focus more on doing/hacking than listening. A huge inspiration for this is [SuperHappyDevHouse][] down in San Francisco.

So I've gone ahead and created the Seattle Hacks Meetup. I'm not sure what the cadence of meetings will be, but we'll only host meetings if we've got a really fun topic to learn about and a great space to hack in. If you're interested in doing some teaching and leading a session on something, let us know @SeattleHacks.

Sign-up here → Seattle Hacks Meetup