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Seattle Mobile Web Apps April Meetup - Testing Made Awesome

Name: Seattle Mobile Web Apps April Meetup - Testing Made Awesome
Start: Apr 16 2013, 06:30 PM
End: Apr 16 2013, 08:00 PM
Venue: Filter Digital

Speaker: Jason Carr, Mobile Engineer at Sauce Labs

Title: Mobile Test Automation with Selenium and Appium

The last few years have seen Selenium become a de facto open source standard for testing desktop and mobile websites, and the search for a tool that allows the same flexibility with mobile applications is well underway. Appium provides a tool that fills that gap. This talk will cover some selenium basics (what is selenium, why do I care?) and use that knowledge to demonstrate how you can use selenium-like scripts to automate your mobile applications on iOS and Android. We'll cover phone gap and titanium apps, fully native apps, web views, and even a little mobile web automation. Finally, we'll talk about the future of the project and do some comparison with other testing tools.

Sponsor: Thanks to our friends at Filter Digital for hosting us and providing the food and drink!